New Orleans


3:18 AM.
I’m standing in the rain outside of my warm Maryland home, loading the last of my tattoo gear and luggage into the back of a run-down airport shuttle and embarking on my journey to New Orleans.
My driver, a short elderly man with no sense of amusement at all,  ignores my jokes and stories along the ride, which in no way at all discourages me but rather only forces me think of more annoying, offensive comments to make.
But no matter, in 40 minutes I will be at BWI and at 6:40 I will be on a plane to NOLA to tattoo at the Tattoo Voodoo expo Friday-Sunday.
Words have failed my brain to try and describe the mixture of emotions I am feeling leaving my lovely home at 3 am, but over-all I am relieved that this trip is underway and excited that in a few short hours I will be with my friends in New Orleans for 5 days of pure mayhem and insanity.

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