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Category: Graphic Design


In the Company of Wolves

Company of wolves2.

I have been trying my damnedest to keep most of my newer my artwork secret lately, that way whenever I come out with my sketchbook for publication, all my followers on Tumblr, Facebook or whatever haven’t already seen or tattooed everything in the book.
However, I scanned in the first real piece of flash for the book and I just thought I would share: I can’t wait to paint this piece later today.

Bobby Rotten

Aftercare 2.0

I have been tattooing for long enough now for me to have my own set of tattoo aftercare instructions and here they are. Honestly, I can’t believe I am still awake at 7 AM working so hard on sheets of paper I am going to hand out to clients to be casually stuffed into purses, pockets and glove compartments all […]


New cards

My new business cards finally came in today. I am super excited about how they came out, especially since they feature my own original artwork and I designed them. I […]