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The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2012

I spent this past weekend killing it at The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
On the road with Valencia Miller and Dirty, from Reniassance Tattoo in Columbus, GA
First night in Philly we stopped by Tattooed Mom and met up with some other artists.
Tattooed Mom
I love Philly's street art.
Let the party begin.
Valencia Miller and I
This was an awesome night, from what I remember.
Tattoo I did on a DC friend at the convention Saturday
Bodies in the street
Tattoo Afterparty with Murphy's Law at The Troc
My last night in Philly Anny took us to National Mechanic, where we ridiculed the Grammys for hours.
I'm gonna miss Philly.
30th Street Station, back to DC to make art.

Rollin’ Out

I haven’t updated this in a while, actually, I have barely left the house in the past few days because I have been working on my sketchbook and drawing tattoos for The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, which I will be tattooing at this weekend.
I still have some openings Friday and Sunday, so if your going to be there and would like to get something done: 240-442-2868.

Tools of the trade.

I'm resurrecting this because I still would die to tattoo it. I have a good feeling somebody will get it this weekend.
A few of the tattoos I have been working on for The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this weekend.

New Orleans


3:18 AM.
I’m standing in the rain outside of my warm Maryland home, loading the last of my tattoo gear and luggage into the back of a run-down airport shuttle and embarking on my journey to New Orleans.
My driver, a short elderly man with no sense of amusement at all,  ignores my jokes and stories along the ride, which in no way at all discourages me but rather only forces me think of more annoying, offensive comments to make.
But no matter, in 40 minutes I will be at BWI and at 6:40 I will be on a plane to NOLA to tattoo at the Tattoo Voodoo expo Friday-Sunday.
Words have failed my brain to try and describe the mixture of emotions I am feeling leaving my lovely home at 3 am, but over-all I am relieved that this trip is underway and excited that in a few short hours I will be with my friends in New Orleans for 5 days of pure mayhem and insanity.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on twitter to be kept in the loop of this convention:

The World Isn’t Ready Yet

I just spent half of my evening tonight going over a very awesome projected travel schedule with my dudes. I am very excited to be traveling again and am even more excited to have good friends to go with. I will be seeing the world with amazing painters, artists, piercers, tattooists and basically anyone crazy enough to take the risk to travel with me this summer and can’t wait for the adventures to begin. I guarantee it will be the time of your lives.

May 14-15 NYC Tattoo Convention
June 24-26 TattooLaPalooza Miami
July 5-11 APP Vegas
Aug 26-28 Hell City PHX
Sept 23-25 London Convention
Sept 27-? Guest spots in London and surrounding area.
October ? I want a guest spot in the Netherlands. Help find me somewhere to work friends who are there!!

There it is though, my projected travel schedule, if you would like for me to come to your city, please drop me an email at and I will definitely consider it.