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hey kids. it’s been awhile since I updated my site but I have been hard at work drawing up tattoos like a madman and I’m about to do a photo dump of all the tattoos I’m trying to do. if you or anyone you know is trying to get this tattooed fill out this form.



Hey guys. I’m back at it again. Sketching like a madman and creating art that I would love to tattoo and that y’all would love to wear proudly for the rest of your earthly lives.

So speaking of which, I’ve got this panther that needs a home. If you’re the lucky person who would love this panther like your own child to love and cherish forever and you promise to take good care of it shoot me a text or email and I’d love to let you take him/her home with you forever.


Text: 657-666-1313


TATTOO WISHLIST: Sketch A Day 42-48, Roses, Skulls and Snakes

Day 47

Day 48

Day 46

Day 45

Day 44

Day 42

Sketch A Day: Day 42-44

These are some of the recent tattoos I’ve drawn in my Sketch-A-Day sketchbook. All the ideas encompassed in these sketches are currently available to be tattooed by me and only me, I am an artist and these sketches/tattoos pay my bills, so please do not copy my artwork without my express written consent.  If you’re interested in getting one of the designs above tattooed, please shoot me an email to

In the Company of Wolves

Company of wolves2.

I have been trying my damnedest to keep most of my newer my artwork secret lately, that way whenever I come out with my sketchbook for publication, all my followers on Tumblr, Facebook or whatever haven’t already seen or tattooed everything in the book already.
However, I scanned in the first real piece of flash for the book earlier and thought I would share: I can’t wait to paint this piece later today.

Sketch A Day: Day One


OK, so if you missed my Tweets, or my Facebook posts or even my Google Buzz, starting yesterday, August 1, 2011 I am keeping a yearlong record of sketches and will be posting the results daily to
I am attempting to keep the sketches in this book to under 45 minutes a day, however I am not limiting myself to anything.
This rat (Day 1) is my first thing that I could think of that I wanted to draw. I really like the way it came out and am excited to see how this overall project will turn out.
Also, I am very interested in tattooing ANY of my “SKETCH A DAY” tattoo pieces at a discounted price. If you see one you would like please send me which day you would like to get along with your name, phone number and where you are interested in getting the piece to I will only be doing one tattoo of each day so respond promptly so I can get you scheduled in ASAP. Thanks a lot guys and be sure to check back often so you can see the newest sketches or if you have anything you’d like to see me draw, please comment below.