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Epic Cellphone Photos

I have been talking about uploading all my “Epic Cellphone Pictures” to a Photobucket for a few months now with some friends and I finally got around to doing it last night.
I seriously love the camera on my phone and I love taking pictures of wherever I may be at the time so I manage to compile a lot of pictures in a small amount of time.
Last night I uploaded 593 pictures and that was only from the past 90 days or so, I will be uploading more tonight so be sure to check back or add me on Photobucket: Bobby_Rotten.
In this batch of uploads are pictures from APP in Vegas, Baltimore Tattoo Convention party, sketches I’ve done, some flash work, tattoos I’ve done, pretty much an inside look into my life for the past three months or so.


One Day

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I just got home from the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention and I am totally and thoroughly exhausted, however I decided to randomly upload all the pictures that I had taken using my cell phone from this Wednesday.
This day wasn’t especially exciting for any particular reason, especially not after the time I had this weekend in Baltimore, but it was a fun day in my book. I did some tattoo work on a friend, helped some co-workers with a photo shoot, played around with a green screen, got really drunk some of my favorite people and managed to crawl back to my bed before 5 am.
I will be tattooing today at 3pm in Germantown, however I will make every attempt to upload the pictures from the Baltimore convention today at some point after I get some sleep, so be sure to check back today sometime.
I’m going to bed, I’ve essentially been awake since Friday and I really can’t believe I actually just wrote this.

Holga: Simplicity At Its Finest

Sample of Holga Photography

I’ve been looking for a new camera for months…
I’ve been to every Best Buy, Ritz and Target in the area and tried every camera they had, however there is something less -than- artistic about a camera that takes a “perfect picture” every time. I don’t want auto-zoom, red-eye prevention or smile recognition. I want my pictures to have a sense of mystery, a certain characteristic that identifies it as a Bobby Rotten print.
I’m old school and I want my pictures to match my personality, so when I saw the pictures from my girl’s Diana Lomo camera I was instantly hooked and started doing more research on different types of cameras. That is when I stumbled across the Holga, a cult camera used by a global community of artists, photographers and thousands of individuals who recognize the beauty in the simplicity of this camera.
Known for its unpredictability and ability to be modded to take different types of pictures, the Holga has a almost toy like look, but has been winning awards for art and news photography since its creation in Hong Kong in 1981.
It only makes sense that this would be the camera that I choose to use for the next few months, until I move on to a new camera to try, so I plan on picking one up this week at my local Urban Outfitters.