This Used to be my Favorite Place in the World

Hmmm? Where is my favorite place in the world?

At first I thought that this might be a easy question, however the more I thought about all the places I've been answering this question got harder and harder.

Would it be the streets of Pittsburgh? The beaches of The Outer Banks? The alleys of New York City? or the parks in Youngstown?

Then I thought about the one single place where I have spent so much time and have thousands of fond memories of as a teenager, Club Laga.

Club Laga was a small punk venue only blocks from where I stayed in Pittsburgh and I will never forget the times that I've had there.

Among the bands that I have seen there are Lower Class Brats, The Suicide Machines, The Unseen, I saw Leftover Crack there on Sept. 11th when the cops broke in and shut down the show, and it was there that I met The Casualties and partied with them on their bus, I met The Business there, and I have even sang on that stage with a friend's band when they played there.

I've had more good times there with my friends getting drunk and listening to amazing live bands then anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately Club Laga closed in 2005 and now it's an apartment complex, however any time I am in Oakland I stop by and take a short trip down memory lane. Remembering all the times I laughed, all the beers I drank, the vomit I spewed, and the joints we smoked in the bathrooms.

I've laughed, I've cried, I've gotten drunk and high there, I've been arrested there, I met the most interesting people I've ever met there and I've even got robbed there before and that's why Club Laga was my favorite place in the world.


2 thoughts on “This Used to be my Favorite Place in the World”

  1. wow that is the most awesome thing i’ve read in a long time. i grew up at laga. what a shame that it’s not there still. what a fire trap that place was though. man, good times. thanks for bringing all those great memories back to mind! i miss pittsburgh.


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