Hidden Art

I was off today and after playing Madden 11 in my boxers half the morning I decided I was going to go and do something semi-productive.
After taking the most refreshing shower I’ve had in weeks, I headed out into Germantown on foot get get some food and a haircut. After successfully completing the above tasks and wandering around an area of town I never go to, I decided I was going to follow a set of railroad tracks that I happened upon and see where they take me. I was hoping that they were the same tracks that run behind my house.
After walking the tracks for about a mile I never thought that only blocks from my house I would find some of the most amazing hidden graffiti that I have ever seen, as well as meet some artists down there who happened to be tagging at the time.
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to meet the most amazing people whether it be at work or when I randomly smoke blunts with people I just met under an overpass spraying graffiti. I am really bummed rarely have the time to write about it but today I am going to showcase some of the work that I saw. This work only visible from the tracks and I am not disclosing any information on the location or the artist so don’t even ask.
Another thing, the quality of these pictures really suck because they’re taken with my cell phone, keep posted for some better pictures.


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