Tattoo Wishlist

I literally draw inspiration for my artwork from everything: people I meet, places I go, I’ve even created artwork based off a conversation I had with a complete stranger. I am constantly studying images, breaking them down mentally focusing on the shapes and colors, and how I would do that image as a tattoo.
Everyday I find images that I would love to tattoo on people, if only I had the people who wanted to get these tattoos, haha. So from here on out every few days I’m going to post a picture or two of tattoos that I really want to do, and I’m going to do them at a discounted price, I’m going to call it my “tattoo wishlist” and hopefully it will be a break from the monotony of everyday street shop life.

This weeks tattoo is from one of my favorite games as a kid, Mega Man. I saw it on my 360 one day and actually stumbled across the image again recently. I will do this tattoo full color for $120, and probably way less if I know you personally. If you’d like to get this or any of the tattoos that I will be featuring, just give me a call at the shop: 301-333-1236


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