Roxy the Great toy destroyer

I couldn’t think of a better post title for this. Seriously.
If you know me at all, you know that I really love my dogs. I have 2 pit bulls which in my tainted opinion have more character than any dog I have ever encountered. You can tell exactly what they want or are thinking just by looking at them. They are extremely intelligent and I seriously treat them like I would 2 children, but thank God I don’t have any kids.
So i took this awesome video of Roxy, my older puppy, just totally owning the shit out of this Snoopy toy. The video was so awesome I went to log into my YouTube account to go upload it and share it on here and I found this kid who plays acoustic guitar somewhere is using Bobby Rotten as his name.
Fuckin’ shit.
So now I have to upload a ton more videos than him so every time that someone goes to my page a ton of his videos don’t come up.
This will be my motivation to start recording more of my custom tattoo pieces and drawings, something I’ve been saying I was gonna start doing for months now.

But anyways, back to the video…
Here it is


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