Let’s see, I remember the last time that I visited Baltimore. I heard one of my favorite bands from Ohio at the Ram’s Head and later was arrested for public intoxication after I threw all the furniture off the balcony of our high rise hotel room. After that night, which I barely remember, I swore that I hated Baltimore and never would return after the way the police treated me, however after I visited with my girl this week, I have rekindled feelings for B’more.
We had really wanted to go see the National Aquarium for the longest time and I really feel like the wait was worth the trip. I saw so many amazing fish, sharks, sting rays, we saw a awe inspiring dolphin show and check out Pole to Pole, a 4D movie, that was really the highlight of my trip.
Check out the pictures that I managed to take before my batteries died (we didnt plan this trip until 4 am the previous morning).