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In a recent effort to remedy my normally erratic business methods, I have come up new measures to ensure that my tattoo appointments and daily artistic endeavors go as smoothly as possibly. The first thing  I realized while writing out my new business plan is that I have no solid list of  my client, reader, or friend’s contact information. God knows,  […]

Reality TV

Yet Another Tattoo Reality TV Show?

NEW YORK – Oxygen Media has recently given the greenlight to a new reality TV competition series, tentatively called Best Ink. Best Ink will feature 12 tattoo artists as they compete for a cash prize by tattooing and then being judged by a panel. The series will also watch the artists back at home as they fight to stay in the competition […]

Tattoo Wishlist

I want to do a tattoo of HH Holmes

And this is the portrait I wanna do of him and I’ll do it dirt cheap. And I was thinking of having his “murder castle” be part of the background. Holmes was America’s first serial killer and his story is literally that out of a horror movie. So if you are interested in getting this as a tattoo get at […]

Tattoo Wishlist

Get your Zombie tattoo today!

I only have to wait 8 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 12 seconds until the first ever airing of the adaptation of one of my favorite comics “The Walking Dead” on AMC, premiering on Oct. 31. If you’ve never read the comics, I recommend you do so, and hurry, you still have 8 days. And if you have read […]


Meeting of the Marked

Yep, I am officially excited.
Everything is finalized and I will be attending and tattooing at the Meeting of the Marked tattoo convention in Pittsburgh, PA from Friday, Oct. 29 – Sunday, October 31.
I will be sharing a booth with an amazing artist that I look up to and I am already pretty booked up for tattoos, however if you are a close friend of mine I should be able to fit you in for a small tattoo or so.


New Cards

Ok, it is officially that time.
I successfully handed out all 1,000 of my previous cards and I’m ready to order more, but before I can order more, I gotta draw and design them first.

Tattoos 1


Yeah, I now have one. It’s too hard to post pictures and videos to my site, so I’m just gonna post all that shit to my Tumblr directly. The address is here