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Dog Teeth

I started a new watercolor painting yesterday. It’s called Dog Teeth..
I am really going to force myself to sit down and start painting everyday, rather then only when I am stressed out and pissed off.
Painting can work wonders for the soul, and it brings my mind to a place of peaceful focus.
I am not really finished with this painting, so I feel odd posting a picture of an unfinished painting, but I’m gonna finish it Thursday, so why the hell not.

I’ll post more pictures here whenever I finish this one. Let me know what you think so far, I am open to criticism from any established artists.

Ellicott City

I’m an adventurer.
An adrenaline junkie in its purest form, always looking for my next fix. I jump at any opportunity that I can to experience whatever I can in the way of a fix, and I have  never turned down a chance to explore the unknown.  So when my girl approached me about checking out  a haunted city only  an hour away I was totally ready.
I have explored a ton of abandoned buildings before in Youngstown and Pittsburgh in my hardcore graffiti days, but never any “haunted” buildings, so this was totally new for me, I had no clue what to expect.
So the  very next morning we started our journey to Ellicott City, MD, a city that was established in 1772 and is surrounded in lore of a haunted girl’s school, civil war trails and the longest surviving railroad station in the United States. I felt  that if I did any research on this town that I would be influenced somehow to have some sort of  an haunted experience, and this trip was literally just to scope out the town, and figure out where we would have to go to have a supernatural experience. I just wanted to talk to the people, figure out the stories, and make plans to take a longer  trip with more of my friends.

These are some of the pictures that we took of the downtown, the abandoned girl’s school we broke into and some pictures that stuff that we thought was cool. 

I really hope these pictures inspire you to take an adventure of your own to Ellicott City, I know I can’t wait to go back.

I am planning a haunted camping trip there sometime next month, maybe even camp out on a haunted civil war trail? Anyone who wants to be involved in this please get a hold of me ASAP.