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At the Filming of Transformers 3

One night while adventuring out in the dark alleys of DC, smoking blunts with the homeless and passing out fliers to people who looked they would appreciate a good tattoo,  I happened across a huge film crew shooting a few scenes for the upcoming Transformers 3 movie.

These are a few of the pictures that I managed to get while I was there before the drones of obnoxious fans filed in to catch a glimpse of the action. Next thing you know, DC police and crew security are in full effect enforcing a strict no photography policy, I stuck around for a few more minutes but soon headed back to aimlessly wandering the streets.


In a recent effort to remedy my normally erratic business methods, I have come up new measures to ensure that my tattoo appointments and daily artistic endeavors go as smoothly as possibly.

The first thing  I realized while writing out my new business plan is that I have no solid list of  my client, reader, or friend’s contact information. God knows,  I have the hardest time keeping a cell phone for more than a few months, between getting jumped in Capitol Heights or me slamming them in taxi cab doors.

So if everybody who reads this would please fill out the customer contact form below you will automatically be added to our mailing list. I will occasionally send emails containing info on tattoo specials, shop events or even ways to earn free tattoo work or piercings by joining  my customer appreciation program, coming Jan 2011. It will also help me when I go to start using this new appointment scheduling program and everybody who sends me their info before Jan 1st, will receive a coupon for 10 bucks off your next tattoo or piercing.

Thanks so much guys for rocking my world on a daily basis.

Meeting of the Marked

Yep, I am officially excited.
Everything is finalized and I will be attending and tattooing at the Meeting of the Marked tattoo convention in Pittsburgh, PA from Friday, Oct. 29 – Sunday, October 31.
I am sharing a booth with an amazing artist that I look up to and I am already pretty booked up for tattoos, however if you are a close friend of mine I should be able to fit you in for a small tattoo or so.
As everybody already knows, I am from Pittsburgh and haven’t tattooed in that area since I was a mere apprentice when I was 19, so it will be a very interesting and fun visit.
I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends, family and tattoo associates and can’t wait to do lay some sick ink in my hometown, as well as learn as much as I can from the seminars offered there.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo from me in Pittsburgh give me a call at (240) 498-6527 before October 15th.
If you would like to attend the convention check click here for more info.

New Cards

Ok, it is officially that time.
I successfully handed out all 1,000 of my previous cards and I’m ready to order more, but before I can order more, I gotta draw and design them first.
Being as I am in an art profession I believe that it would be sacrilegious if I had someone else design my cards, not that I would do that anyways, DIY for life.
After I had two solid designs I decided I wanted to do a set of six and release them regularly, I came up with this design to do first.

(Click to Enlarge)

Be sure swing by the shop sometime in mid October to pick up your card.

Batman: Arkham City

This is an actual screen from the game.

I would have to say the game I enjoyed playing the most recently would have to be Batman: Arkham Asylum, so you can imagine how excited I was to find that Rocksteady Games is coming out with a bigger and better follow-up sequel Batman: Arkham City due to be released Fall of 2011.
The game will include Catwoman, Harley Quinn and a Batman like you’ve never seen ’em, all in the best quality I’ve ever seen in a game. Don’t believe me?! Check out the trailer below.
You wonder why would one even attempt to recreate such a perfect game, however after reading a recent interview with Rocksteady boss Sefton Hill in September’s PlayStation Magazine, I am very inclined to believe that this game is going to blow Arkham Asylum out of the water.
Featuring a map 4-5 times larger than Arkham Asylum, a updated weapons and gadgets system, and allowing players of the first game to begin Batman: Arkham City with many of the same core gadgets that they unlocked in the Asylum.
“Our objective in this game is not to make the biggest game we can, but to make the best game possible,” Hill said. “Gamers who played Batman: Arkham Asylum will know how dedicated we are as a studio to injecting an incredible amount of detail into every environment we build.”

This Used to be my Favorite Place in the World

Hmmm? Where is my favorite place in the world?

At first I thought that this might be a easy question, however the more I thought about all the places I've been answering this question got harder and harder.

Would it be the streets of Pittsburgh? The beaches of The Outer Banks? The alleys of New York City? or the parks in Youngstown?

Then I thought about the one single place where I have spent so much time and have thousands of fond memories of as a teenager, Club Laga.

Club Laga was a small punk venue only blocks from where I stayed in Pittsburgh and I will never forget the times that I've had there.

Among the bands that I have seen there are Lower Class Brats, The Suicide Machines, The Unseen, I saw Leftover Crack there on Sept. 11th when the cops broke in and shut down the show, and it was there that I met The Casualties and partied with them on their bus, I met The Business there, and I have even sang on that stage with a friend's band when they played there.

I've had more good times there with my friends getting drunk and listening to amazing live bands then anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately Club Laga closed in 2005 and now it's an apartment complex, however any time I am in Oakland I stop by and take a short trip down memory lane. Remembering all the times I laughed, all the beers I drank, the vomit I spewed, and the joints we smoked in the bathrooms.

I've laughed, I've cried, I've gotten drunk and high there, I've been arrested there, I met the most interesting people I've ever met there and I've even got robbed there before and that's why Club Laga was my favorite place in the world.

I seriously listen to so many types of music, its probably what I know and love more then anything.
So often I come across underground artists or even mainstream artists that nobody I know has ever heard of, so I’d like to start posting songs randomly from some of my favorite artists.
This song is from one of the most commercially successful and long-lived independent hip hop group, Atmosphere.

Die Motherfucker Die

Dog Teeth

I started a new watercolor painting yesterday. It’s called Dog Teeth..
I am really going to force myself to sit down and start painting everyday, rather then only when I am stressed out and pissed off.
Painting can work wonders for the soul, and it brings my mind to a place of peaceful focus.
I am not really finished with this painting, so I feel odd posting a picture of an unfinished painting, but I’m gonna finish it Thursday, so why the hell not.

I’ll post more pictures here whenever I finish this one. Let me know what you think so far, I am open to criticism from any established artists.

Ellicott City

I’m an adventurer.
An adrenaline junkie in its purest form, always looking for my next fix. I jump at any opportunity that I can to experience whatever I can in the way of a fix, and I have  never turned down a chance to explore the unknown.  So when my girl approached me about checking out  a haunted city only  an hour away I was totally ready.
I have explored a ton of abandoned buildings before in Youngstown and Pittsburgh in my hardcore graffiti days, but never any “haunted” buildings, so this was totally new for me, I had no clue what to expect.
So the  very next morning we started our journey to Ellicott City, MD, a city that was established in 1772 and is surrounded in lore of a haunted girl’s school, civil war trails and the longest surviving railroad station in the United States. I felt  that if I did any research on this town that I would be influenced somehow to have some sort of  an haunted experience, and this trip was literally just to scope out the town, and figure out where we would have to go to have a supernatural experience. I just wanted to talk to the people, figure out the stories, and make plans to take a longer  trip with more of my friends.

These are some of the pictures that we took of the downtown, the abandoned girl’s school we broke into and some pictures that stuff that we thought was cool. 

I really hope these pictures inspire you to take an adventure of your own to Ellicott City, I know I can’t wait to go back.

I am planning a haunted camping trip there sometime next month, maybe even camp out on a haunted civil war trail? Anyone who wants to be involved in this please get a hold of me ASAP.