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Hey guys, thanks for visiting my site/blog. I never really felt the need to publish any of my writings, however, as my life changes and I get to see and do new amazing things everyday, I realized I should share these experiences with the world, so thanks for  reading and I really hope you enjoy.

First off, yes, I am still tattooing. I just moved into a house this month and my schedule is a little off right now.

All I have been hearing lately is how my clients have had so much trouble reaching me, or trying to find time for me to tattoo them, or they’re going to shops on days when I work at other shops.

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I am a terrible organizer, and I am even worse at remembering or keeping appointments. I live an extremely hectic life and between tattooing full-time,  spending time drawing, working on a sketchbook, painting,  playing music, or spending time with my girl, it is easy to get caught up in the flow and sometimes. For this I am sorry, and I am working on my organization skills. I live for the day, and thinking that far ahead for me isn’t something that I like to do, however for the good of my career, it’s something I must do.

It isn’t beneficial for me to be tattooing 5 or 6 days a week anymore when I am involved in so many other projects right now, and even though I love tattooing, I cannot give 100% to my art, or music, or even spending time with my girl and my dogs when I am spending 9-12 hours a day tattooing and another hour or so in travel. Don’t get me wrong, I love tattooing more than anything, I live for every aspect of tattooing: the tradition, the art, even the feeling that I get while I am slinging the ink. It’s all very personal to me and its something I have dreamed of doing since I was young. I want to keep it as sacred in my head as I can, and like any job you can get burned out. I really don’t want to get burned out on something I love because I am trying to do too much. You understand.

That being said I just hammered out a permanent schedule with the X2 Ink, that I will be posting below with all my contact info for both shops,  as well as all my contact info.


Monday 3-9. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1-9 at Capitol Heights X2 Ink.

I also will be taking appointments for my personal studio in Germantown on Tuesday and Thursday, however space is limited and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Shop Phone: 301-333-1236