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Sketch A Day: Day One


OK, so if you missed my Tweets, or my Facebook posts or even my Google Buzz, starting yesterday, August 1, 2011 I am keeping a yearlong record of sketches and will be posting the results daily to
I am attempting to keep the sketches in this book to under 45 minutes a day, however I am not limiting myself to anything.
This rat (Day 1) is my first thing that I could think of that I wanted to draw. I really like the way it came out and am excited to see how this overall project will turn out.
Also, I am very interested in tattooing ANY of my “SKETCH A DAY” tattoo pieces at a discounted price. If you see one you would like please send me which day you would like to get along with your name, phone number and where you are interested in getting the piece to I will only be doing one tattoo of each day so respond promptly so I can get you scheduled in ASAP. Thanks a lot guys and be sure to check back often so you can see the newest sketches or if you have anything you’d like to see me draw, please comment below.


Epic Cellphone Photos

I have been talking about uploading all my “Epic Cellphone Pictures” to a Photobucket for a few months now with some friends and I finally got around to doing it last night.
I seriously love the camera on my phone and I love taking pictures of wherever I may be at the time so I manage to compile a lot of pictures in a small amount of time.
Last night I uploaded 593 pictures and that was only from the past 90 days or so, I will be uploading more tonight so be sure to check back or add me on Photobucket: Bobby_Rotten.
In this batch of uploads are pictures from APP in Vegas, Baltimore Tattoo Convention party, sketches I’ve done, some flash work, tattoos I’ve done, pretty much an inside look into my life for the past three months or so.

International Art Mail

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I received this huge package of amazing artwork from one of my best friends from Youngstown, OH who is currently is teaching English to students in Seoul, S. Korea.
There is nothing like getting a gang of drawings from someone who you respect as an artist mailed personally to you. It definitely is an amazing reminder that I have the best real friends a guy can ask for.
All the artwork featured here was done by Salem Reese, who I am currently working on an international art fusion project with, basically sending paintings back and forth until we think they’re done.

Roosevelt Island

I decided to stop and finally check out Roosevelt Island on my way home from Regan International in DC around 7 this morning. I have heard a lot about it’s trails, but never had been there, this morning was my chance to check it out.
I love finding and exploring remote parts of any city, and at 7 this morning this park was a ghost town. I took some cool pictures of the swamp area, a towering statue of one of my favorite American historical figures, and managed to hike up the an old trail on the Potomac and found a small fleet of fishermen.
I am still blown away by the fact that all the beauty of this island is hidden within this huge city; my gps said I was less than 2 miles from the airport.
Anyway it was an awesome way to start my day, even complete with coffee and random cigarette breaks. Now in less then an hour I commence a very full and hectic tattoo day. Wish me luck.