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New cards


My new business cards finally came in today. I am super excited about how they came out, especially since they feature my own original artwork and I designed them. I can’t wait to start handing them out and I really feel as though they are an accurate representation of the tattoo work I do, clean and professional.


Well, here I am again, its 6:54 AM and I am doing what I have been doing for the past 3 or so nights at 7 in the morning: tapping my brain of every last bit of creative energy that it has stored from the previous day.
I often wonder if my insomnia is real or self-induced?
Sure, I would love to be sleeping right now. I really NEED to be sleeping right now, but I’m not, my brain doesn’t work like that. I live my life to make good use of every available hour, I guess that’s why I’m still awake, and this is what I’ve been up to:

Derringer tattoo flash

I drew this old school Derringer a few days ago and just finally had the time to outline it in ink and scan it to add to my flash collection. I don’t normally post my flash artwork here because I am going to try to sell it soon, but I really wanted to do this tattoo either this Wednesday, March 16th at 1 or Monday, March 21 at 3. If you would like to get this tattoo done, please give me a call at the shop or send me a comment here or on Facebook.

My 50th Post

I figured that by my 50th post I would have already designed a header for this site, however, how ironic that my 50th post would be about a header that I designed for this blog.
I had started this site randomly one day last June and have been running it by the seat of my pants until I recently decided that I needed to start writing more. I am still shocked and honored that I have had almost 4,000 views, and I wanted to personally thank everybody who has read my blog. Please bookmark the site, check out my tattoo work and feel free to contact me about questions you have about a tattoo or piercing at X2 Tattoos, Capitol Heights, 301-333-1236.

This is the original header I decided not to use because it was too big, I will find a use for it though. If anyone would like some graphics designed or any photo editing work done, please contact me, I need work for my portfolio.

Sketchbook Pg 3

One of my easier New Year’s resolutions this year was to do at least one sketch a day in my sketchbook and unfortunately that’s the only resolution I haven’t been keeping.
However today I had a few free hours to sit down and actually focus on drawing and I came up with a few sketches I was half-satisfied with. The traditional eye I colored with my girlfriend’s Tombo markers and this was my first time using them, but I really liked them.
The other tattoo I drew needs no explanation at all, I think it kinda speaks for itself, but I would love to do either one of these as a tattoo and would do them at a discount price.

Bone Collector

I pretty much wake up everyday and seriously think to myself, “what can I do today the a normal everyday person would probably never do or even see the beauty in? Where can I find beauty, where normally there is none?”
I can see the beauty of art in anything and everything, and today all I wanted to do was grab some paint pens, head to the tracks and work on some graffiti and then spend the day wandering along this creek in the woods, searching for the skull of this raccoon I saw a few weeks before that I had wanted to draw.
The moment I stepped outside to head to the tracks, I could feel this day had the makings of an adventure. As I hiked down the tracks to “the spot” I felt a deja vu of sorts taking me back to when I was child, growing up with my huge family in the rural farmlands of Ohioville, PA, and pretty much living outdoors, no matter the weather.
My brother and sisters and I would literally go outside to play in the woods and fields at 9 am and not come home until dusk, unless it was to eat or go to the bathroom, sometimes not even then.
I was never considered a “normal” kid, that’s why I am so okay with being considered so different now, even though I see myself as a perfectly normal guy living in a flawed society.
I never did well with authority, I established this as a child, and thus I was home schooled from 5th grade on. Everything that I have learned from fifth grade on I essentially taught myself, or have learned through observation/apprenticeships. I observe, I read, I listen, and I challenge myself daily and I’ve done this since I was a child; this is how I learn.
Ever since I was a child I have had this obsession with collecting things from nature or things that I have come across in my life that I deemed an oddity.
I have been scoping out this dead beaver I had found weeks earlier laying next to the creek. I was waiting for it to decay all the way so I could grab it’s skull and use it as an art reference. Sure, it might be strange to some bringing skulls of dead animals home, but there is nothing like drawing from the real thing and I clean them thoroughly.
When I got to the spot where the beaver had been it appeared that some animal had run off with the carcass, bummed out I decided that I would just walk further into the woods and see if I could find a road to head home.
I finally got to the tracks, where the tracks and lo’ and behold, a fully decayed bleached skeleton of a deer, laying right next to the tracks.
Score. I totally grabbed a few cool bones and the skull and threw them in a bag in my backpack, stay tuned for the awesome sketches I’m gonna come up with after I clean them up.
What I’m trying to say is, I’m glad that I can still entertain myself the same way that I did 13 years ago. Sure I might have grown physically, but it’s nice to know that after all I have been through in my life, I am still the same kid I was when I was 13 spending his days drawing and wandering around in the woods.

I took some cool pictures during the day, including these random bike frames I found in the middle of nowhere, someone would’ve had to rode these 20 minutes into the woods and left them, so strange.