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Meeting of the Marked

Yep, I am officially excited.
Everything is finalized and I will be attending and tattooing at the Meeting of the Marked tattoo convention in Pittsburgh, PA from Friday, Oct. 29 – Sunday, October 31.
I am sharing a booth with an amazing artist that I look up to and I am already pretty booked up for tattoos, however if you are a close friend of mine I should be able to fit you in for a small tattoo or so.
As everybody already knows, I am from Pittsburgh and haven’t tattooed in that area since I was a mere apprentice when I was 19, so it will be a very interesting and fun visit.
I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends, family and tattoo associates and can’t wait to do lay some sick ink in my hometown, as well as learn as much as I can from the seminars offered there.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo from me in Pittsburgh give me a call at (240) 498-6527 before October 15th.
If you would like to attend the convention check click here for more info.

This Used to be my Favorite Place in the World

Hmmm? Where is my favorite place in the world?

At first I thought that this might be a easy question, however the more I thought about all the places I've been answering this question got harder and harder.

Would it be the streets of Pittsburgh? The beaches of The Outer Banks? The alleys of New York City? or the parks in Youngstown?

Then I thought about the one single place where I have spent so much time and have thousands of fond memories of as a teenager, Club Laga.

Club Laga was a small punk venue only blocks from where I stayed in Pittsburgh and I will never forget the times that I've had there.

Among the bands that I have seen there are Lower Class Brats, The Suicide Machines, The Unseen, I saw Leftover Crack there on Sept. 11th when the cops broke in and shut down the show, and it was there that I met The Casualties and partied with them on their bus, I met The Business there, and I have even sang on that stage with a friend's band when they played there.

I've had more good times there with my friends getting drunk and listening to amazing live bands then anywhere else in the world.

Unfortunately Club Laga closed in 2005 and now it's an apartment complex, however any time I am in Oakland I stop by and take a short trip down memory lane. Remembering all the times I laughed, all the beers I drank, the vomit I spewed, and the joints we smoked in the bathrooms.

I've laughed, I've cried, I've gotten drunk and high there, I've been arrested there, I met the most interesting people I've ever met there and I've even got robbed there before and that's why Club Laga was my favorite place in the world.

Hidden Art

I was off today and after playing Madden 11 in my boxers half the morning I decided I was going to go and do something semi-productive.
After taking the most refreshing shower I’ve had in weeks, I headed out into Germantown on foot get get some food and a haircut. After successfully completing the above tasks and wandering around an area of town I never go to, I decided I was going to follow a set of railroad tracks that I happened upon and see where they take me. I was hoping that they were the same tracks that run behind my house.
After walking the tracks for about a mile I never thought that only blocks from my house I would find some of the most amazing hidden graffiti that I have ever seen, as well as meet some artists down there who happened to be tagging at the time.
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to meet the most amazing people whether it be at work or when I randomly smoke blunts with people I just met under an overpass spraying graffiti. I am really bummed rarely have the time to write about it but today I am going to showcase some of the work that I saw. This work only visible from the tracks and I am not disclosing any information on the location or the artist so don’t even ask.
Another thing, the quality of these pictures really suck because they’re taken with my cell phone, keep posted for some better pictures.

I Love Livin’ In The City

Living near a major city is definitely one of the major factors that have kept me from being checked into a Stoney Lodge Mental Hospital of my own.
Some of my fondest memories are of sneaking away from society and skating aimlessly through the random streets and alleyways of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Youngstown at night spraying random graffiti, taking pictures of cool shit I saw or just wandering about smoking cigarettes and blunts.
Call it a waste of time, I called it therapy. Maybe it was the punk in me but it cleared my mind, and I made a ton of friends, and saw a ton of shit that most people would never appreciate anyways. On any given night in Pittsburgh I would spend the afternoon getting wasted in Oakland with my friends, we’d go see a show at Club Laga, and then I’d spend the rest of the night wandering around the city, skating and trying to sober up to drive home haha.
I’m also happy to say that I’ve added DC to this list and whenever I get the chance I find myself in its seediest of alleys, taking pictures of the most random things I see and just overall being blown away by the history of this city.
Tuesday I spent half the day taking pictures of randomness in DC and that night I went to meet my Dad who drove in from out-of-town with tickets for us to go see The National’s play the Cubs. The game was amazing, and I love their ballpark, and my Dad managed to procure tickets for us to sit in The USA Today’s box, which was right behind home plate, and right behind me was ESPN filming the game.
These are some of the pictures I took that night and some pictures from the game.

Birthday Earthquake

Today is my 26th birthday.
Also, exactly two years ago today I left my home in Ohio to move to DC to tattoo.
My birthday is never an uneventful day. In fact I never have uneventful days.
So when I was stirred from my sleep this morning by a small earthquake I wasn’t even surprised. It was the largest earthquake recorded near DC registering 3.6 on the Ritcher scale and it happened right in Germantown, MD where I live.
I’d like to think it was God wishing me a happy birthday, but it’s just another day.

Baltimore Aquarium

Let’s see, I remember the last time that I visited Baltimore. I heard one of my favorite bands from Ohio at the Ram’s Head and later was arrested for public intoxication after I threw all the furniture off the balcony of our high rise hotel room. After that night, which I barely remember, I swore that I hated Baltimore and never would return after the way the police treated me, however after I visited with my girl this week, I have rekindled feelings for B’more.
We had really wanted to go see the National Aquarium for the longest time and I really feel like the wait was worth the trip. I saw so many amazing fish, sharks, sting rays, we saw a awe inspiring dolphin show and check out Pole to Pole, a 4D movie, that was really the highlight of my trip.
Check out the pictures that I managed to take before my batteries died (we didnt plan this trip until 4 am the previous morning).

Ellicott City

I’m an adventurer.
An adrenaline junkie in its purest form, always looking for my next fix. I jump at any opportunity that I can to experience whatever I can in the way of a fix, and I have  never turned down a chance to explore the unknown.  So when my girl approached me about checking out  a haunted city only  an hour away I was totally ready.
I have explored a ton of abandoned buildings before in Youngstown and Pittsburgh in my hardcore graffiti days, but never any “haunted” buildings, so this was totally new for me, I had no clue what to expect.
So the  very next morning we started our journey to Ellicott City, MD, a city that was established in 1772 and is surrounded in lore of a haunted girl’s school, civil war trails and the longest surviving railroad station in the United States. I felt  that if I did any research on this town that I would be influenced somehow to have some sort of  an haunted experience, and this trip was literally just to scope out the town, and figure out where we would have to go to have a supernatural experience. I just wanted to talk to the people, figure out the stories, and make plans to take a longer  trip with more of my friends.

These are some of the pictures that we took of the downtown, the abandoned girl’s school we broke into and some pictures that stuff that we thought was cool. 

I really hope these pictures inspire you to take an adventure of your own to Ellicott City, I know I can’t wait to go back.

I am planning a haunted camping trip there sometime next month, maybe even camp out on a haunted civil war trail? Anyone who wants to be involved in this please get a hold of me ASAP.