Look no further. All the tattoos from this sheet will be available at super great price starting at $100+ for the entire month of February!! Give me a call at the shop (412) 488-8287 to make an appointment for you and you and your beloved to come and show your love in blood with a gift that will last forever.



So it’s that time of year again, Friday the 13th is upon us. This Friday, January 13th 2023 I’ll be doing any tattoo on this sheet from $50-$120 depending on size and color. The tattoos will be done starting at 9 am and the tattoos will be done on the arms and legs only! First come, first serve!

For more information please give the shop a call:(412) 488-8287 or shoot me a email and check out my Instagram to keep posted on future events.

A flash sheet I designed for Friday the 13th ranging from $50-$150 depending on size and color variation.


Traditional sparrow tattoos by Bobby Rotten.

Hey kids. I did these pretty tradition sparrow tattoos on the ribs a few nights ago. This dude came in as a walk-in and we got him in and out but I love doing pieces like this. If anyone wants to do some tattoos like this I would most definitely be down to do some more pieces like this. I am booking tattoos for September now so get at me before everyone gets back to school and I’ll be way more booked up. Love y’all and thanks for looking.


Did these fun dancing skeleton friendship tattoos a few weeks ago at the shop. I am currently booking appointments at my new shop so if you’re interested in getting tattooed in the near future shoot me a detailed email to for details.


So, a few days ago I hit a huge milestone in my existence on this planet . 100 days without dependance on any substances for the first time in my entire adult life. It’s also ironic that it comes only a few days after I celebrated my 20th year tattooing. I don’t think words can ever express completely the feeling of immense gratitude that I have lately, so I’m not even going to try. But I really am so thankful to everybody who believed in me, supported me and stuck by my side through all those tough past years. Most importantly my beautiful girlfriend and my family. I now know how rough it must have been sometimes and also how ridiculously hard it is to see someone you know just blatantly throwing away their talents and life to drugs or alcohol.

Bobby Rotten  tattoo artist   100 days sober

All I know is that is I have achieved so much in these first 100 days and it’s been an uphill kayak battle to get where I am right now, but honestly just wait because I’m only getting started and with the help and support of my loved ones and friends I am striving to reach my full potential both in my art, tattoos and most importantly my life. Everyone knows I’ve wasted enough time and I’m so blessed to be where I am today: I have a job tattooing full-time that I love, at a shop that I love working at, in a city that I love being in. I couldn’t imagine a better situation to come back from being a total mess of a human being to. I know that there’s definitely a reason why I am still alive and where I am in my life today and I hope that I can grow into the person that I knew I was capable of being and to grow old into the tattoo artist I’ve been preparing to be for the past 20 years. Ok, enough mushy bullshit: let’s make some art and tattoos and catch up on lost time.

TATTOOS: Buddha Tattoo by Bobby Rotten

Custom black and grey Buddha tattoo by Bobby Rotten
Final product of this traditional black and grey Buddha tattoo done in Memphis, TN by Bobby Rotten
Custom black and grey Buddha tattoo by Bobby Rotten

Traditional Rose Tattoo Design Timelapse in Procreate.

Timelapse video of a tattoo design I did of a traditional rose in my own style with my own custom palette of colors. Unfortunately, my Apple Pencil is out of commission, so I pretty much did this all with my finger. I think it’s a bit more impressive that way but whatever.
Traditional rose tattoos design

2022: Time to renew

Hey kids. It’s that time of year again, it’s a new year and every year I start out strong with my over zealous resolutions to draw everyday and update my blog more, create more art and music, etc. Honestly I wish I could say that I’ve been making and crushing my goals daily but the numbers don’t lie. I’ve been falling off and becoming more complacent in my daily life and I’ve definitely noticed that my drive as an artist has been becoming more of an task and less of an natural desire to want to create. logo. bobby rotten

But this isn’t a shit story with an sad ending. Nope not with this kid. I’ve recently rekindled a fire within myself and rediscovered this love of my own life that I haven’t felt since before Covid. I am blessed with a job to do that I’ve worked so hard to achieve and I’m not gonna sit back and watch it all go to hell while I mope through my daily routine in a self-pitying funk. Not in 2022.

This is my 20th year tattooing and that’s a huge deal to anyone in any industry. I’m seriously surprised that considering my ADHD brain that I haven’t burned out long ago but honestly this life chose me and I’ve always seen it that way. I was sent here to make art and music and I’m lucky enough to know my purpose here and knowing is half the battle. That’s also why I’m not stressing out over my previous complacency. Covid was hard on everybody and it effected me in ways that I never would’ve ever expected, it effected all of us in negative ways whether we want to admit it or not. But in refuse to lay down anymore. No more sleeping until 5 because I don’t wanna face my reality or procrastinating on any art projects, no more putting off for tomorrow what I can do today because God only knows what the hell tomorrow even is gonna bring.

So that being said. I have huge plans for 2022. Including starting at a new tattoo shop and an intensive travel schedule with even bigger art projects and collaborations and more music than ever. I’m gonna start traveling again and hitting the tattoos convention circuit harder and with more passion and love than ever before.


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