Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City

I would have to say the game I enjoyed playing the most recently would have to be Batman: Arkham Asylum. So you can imagine how excited I was to find that Rocksteady Games is coming out with a bigger and better follow-up sequel Batman: Arkham City due to be released Fall of 2011.


Hidden Art

After walking the tracks for about a mile I never thought that only blocks from my house I would find some of the most amazing hidden graffiti that I have ever seen, as well as meet some of the artists down there who happened to be tagging at the time.


This Movie Always Gets Me

The best youth-in-revolt movie ever. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for kids with less then understanding parents and this movie definitely touches that nerve. I won't ruin the movie, but if you want to watch a good movie about a group of kids who run away from home and take up a minimalist punk lifestyle by […]

Hip Hop 1

I seriously listen to so many types of music, its probably what I know and love more then anything. So often I come across underground artists or even mainstream artists that nobody I know has ever heard of, so I’d like to start posting songs randomly from some of my favorite artists. This song is from one of the most […]

Tattoos 1


Yeah, I now have one. It’s too hard to post pictures and videos to my site, so I’m just gonna post all that shit to my Tumblr directly. The address is here


Ellicott City

I recently visited one of the most haunted cities on the east coast, Ellicott City, MD, a city that was established in 1772 and is surrounded in lore of a haunted girl’s school, civil war trails and the longest surviving railroad station in the United States.
Click here to read about my experience and check out the awesome pictures that we took of this abandoned haunted girl’s school.