Bobby RottenHi, I’m Bobby Rotten and I wanna riot.
I’m a 35 year old artist who has been tattooing full-time for the last 17+ years.
I never really felt the need to have a website, however the more I realized how crazy my life is and how lucky I am to be able to see and do these things, the more I wanted to write about my experiences, so here we are.
So lets see, I’m from Youngstown, Ohio and am like no one you ever met before.  I love to create. It really doesn’t matter which medium: art, tattoos, music, sculptures or video. I just love making things come to life.
I have been an artist as long as I can remember and have spent a majority of my life with a pencil or a guitar in my hand. I was homeschooled as a child and my parents pushed me to do whatever I wanted with my life so a conventional  job was definitely out of the question.
I have since spent my life playing music and doing amazing art that people love. I have not limited myself to any one type of art and love doing watercolor, tattoos and graffiti.
That being said, I seriously live, eat, sleep, and breath to tattoo, and hopefully I will tattoo until I’m six feet under; I’m in this for life.
I draw anything and everything I see, and always am coming up with awesome ideas for tattoos. I find inspiration in anything from music to video games, and I would say among my greatest influences are Hunter S. Thompson, Nikko, Ralph Steadman, Neil Gaiman, Dan Smith and many others yet to have been named.
I have a lot of tattoos, but don’t ask me how many I have, because I don’t know nor do I care. My ears are currently stretched to two inches, and no, that will never close, and yeah, it hurt sometimes.
I am a  body piercer, and can pierce just about anything. But unfortunately I have retired from piercing to focus more on tattooing.
I love all types of music, but i usually listen to a lot of punk, break core and metal.
I guess I just wholeheartedly love my life: I get paid to make you bleed and I do what I love everyday. However, this site is just a abbreviated glimpse into my crazy life, I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


  1. I have gotten several tattoos done by u and i absolutely love ur work. i got them done by u when u were working at da shop n dc before they shut down for a while n i have been looking for u to do my next tat for my first born.


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