Steelers Tattoos

Well, we did it, my hometown team is going to The Superbowl, again.
And in honor of the Steelers 24-19 victory over the Jets, I decided that I will be doing $30-$50 Steeler’s logo tattoos until The Superbowl on Feb. 6, 2011.
Get your tattoo today and show that you truly bleed Black and Yellow. I will be drawing custom Steeler’s tattoos as well, one of which I will be getting tattooed this week.
Size and color limitations apply and all tattoos will be by appointment only.
To get yours give me a call at the shop anytime tomorrow after 3pm, (301) 333-1236.


2 thoughts on “Steelers Tattoos”

  1. Can I get a tattoo reading “Cheaters” with the Steelers logo under it? Steelers fans are all bandwagon fans(Met a couple). They don’t know jack about their team. So yeah getting a Steelers tat… Better write “4 time legitimate SB winners… Other two not so much”


    1. Well I am from Pittsburgh and was a hardcore Steelers fan my whole life. I also know a ton of hardcore Steeler’s fan who would love to have shed their blood in honor of their team, just like I shall this week. It’s all about loyalty for me, and I’m sure thousands of others would agree.


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